Carol Realini Discusses Bitcoin & Emerging Markets

Posted by on Aug 22, 2014 in Bank Innovation, Bitcoin | 1 comment

Alternative currencies are sweeping across the globe. And as global currencies adapt and evolve for The Digital Age, many are turning to Bitcoin to conduct transactions, both small and large. This shift has made it easier and more mainstream to conduct business via this young currency, leading more companies within emerging markets to bank on the future of it.

This is truly a fascinating phenomenon to witness. While some people may seek to diminish its importance, the reality is that change is not unique in the annals of history. Indeed, every culture in the world has experienced the emergence of new forms of trade currency at some point in time, and many of those have evolved into forms of trade we now recognize and accept as “normal.”Bitcoin300x300

In fact, as banks continue to remain risk averse, and regulations and compliance costs mount, more and more people and businesses are becoming excited about the potential of this emerging currency. There is a promise of a brighter future, but it still has some kinks to be worked out before Bitcoin can be widely accepted and used on a larger scale.

At noon on Sept. 9, I will be discussing the relevance of Bitcoins and the way they’re shaping the way business is being conducted within emerging markets. I’ll be taking to Twitter to share my thoughts on the trends that are taking place, as well as my thoughts on the significance these trends hold for the future.

I believe that Bitcoin is here to stay and that its future just might be as golden as Satoshi Nakamoto claims. A few topics I will cover in the chat includes:

  • Bitcoin’s role in emerging markets and how this trend could impact established markets in the process.
  • The value of Bitcoin within financially excluded areas where traditional banking services have not scaled.
  • Bitcoins and mobile banking — how these two combined could leap frog traditional transaction solutions in emerging markets .

I invite you to participate in this discussion and to learn more about the future of Bitcoin and the potential impact it could have on our businesses and financial systems. The Twitter handle for the event is #RealiniChat. I encourage you to leave a comment and questions below, as well as your Twitter handle if you plan to participate in the discussion.

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  1. Hi Carol, Interesting subject; Bitcoin, and promising. One interest with Bitcoin, specific to remittances, is the challenge with anonymity, specific to remittances with mobile initiation of Bitcoin value transfer from a sender of Bitcoin to receiver of Bitcoin cross border from the US to another country, given the rules for OFAC scanning of name/address of sender/receiver. How can this be accomplished? Thanks, Randy

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