What to Expect at the upcoming Bitcoin Twitter Chat on Sept. 9 at 12 Noon Eastern

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Currency has evolved and come a long way from the days of bartering and paying with precious metals. And as cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, continue to rise and flourish in the Digital Age, markets and layman consumers will have more questions than answers about how this new monetary system operates.

bitcoin flyer On September 9th, Carol Realini will tackle some of those difficult questions circulating around Bitcoin, one of the most prominent cryptocurrencies in recent years, to start a discussion on the ways that this form of electronic currency is making an impact on emerging markets and the banking system, broadly.

During this Twitter Chat, Carol will cover hot topics such as:

  • The current conditions in Emerging Markets
  • Short and long term potential of Bitcoin in Emerging Markets
  • Will banks and regulators help or hurt Bitcoin in Emerging Markets?
  • How Bitcoins can support Financial Inclusion

From noon to 12:30 EST, you can participate in this lively discussion by joining us on Twitter and directing your responses to #Realinichat. Carol will start the discussion, accept your questions and expand the doors on your understanding of this groundbreaking modern currency that could raise the economic tide of emerging markets.

And for more information on Bitcoins, emerging markets and the impact of financial inclusion, visit Carol Realini’s blog for a number of insightful articles.

Feel free to leave a question or comment for the Twitter Chat in the comments below

Image Source: Carol Realini 

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